Hello, and welcome. Well, as welcome as you need to be. This is the internet, after all, not my living room. Heck, maybe you are the one who should be welcoming me into your home! Or perhaps your airport terminal, but I hope not your car.

Regardless, you did come here for some reason, so I hope that you enjoy your time on the site at least as much as you enjoyed whatever previous site you fled from to get here. This being a personal site and all, I can't say there's much to take a look at. Maybe you'd prefer to read my long time hobby, Cprogramming.com. Or, if you're not a C++ programmer, perhaps ... not.

This is the part of the introduction to the site where I provide you with some exciting suggestions for things you can do. Since this is the only page on the site, I recommend one of the following choices:

If you do decide that none of these options are for you, that's nice too, I guess.

Alex is a software developer (as if the design didn't give it away!) based in the Boston area.